Area of Expertise
Clinical Kinesiologist
Visceral-Vascular Manipulative Therapist 
Part time lecturer (post graduate)
Athletic trainer

Build the Complete Athlete
Sporting Knee in 4 D


Richard is a Clinical Kinesiologist specializing in movement related pain syndromes that occur in sport. He is also an established lecturer and writer.

Since 2003 Richard has been working at the highest level of professional tennis, traveling 7-8 months a year on the circuit. His tennis clientele includes 5 former number 1 players, 13 top 10 players, 22 top 20 players.

For the majority of 2008 Richard has been based at the National Olympic training center in Beijing China, where he served as the Director of Physical Development for some of the higher profile Chinese Olympic sports teams.

In brief, Richard...

-    has served as the Executive Director of Physical Development to the Peoples Republic of China’s Olympic Federation. During this period China’s Olympic team achieved unparalleled success and international recognition;

-    has an elite client base made up of some of the world’s foremost athletes and most respected sports federations (China, South Africa, Russia);

-    is an Internationally educated Clinical Kinesiologist specializing in pain syndromes that are common in sport;

-    has a unique understanding of movement impediments, which impact on athletic potential;

-    has a special interest in Visceral Osteopathy and respective influence on high-level sporting performance;

-    Serves as a part-time postgraduate lecturer at several International and Local Universities;

-    has over the years has been a regular contributor literature to several health and sporting publications;

-    offers one of the most detailed and multifaceted athletic facilitation programs in professional sport;

-    is highly regarded expert in the treatment of insidious chronic pain disorders.

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The Manual Therapy for the Abdominal Viscera course examines the abdominal viscera in a layer by layer and multiple systems approach beginning with the abdominal wall and working deep into the abdominal cavity.

Learn what lies between the rectus abdominis and psoas major muscles and how the abdominal viscera is suspended and hangs together. Intraperitoneal and retroperitoneal organs and respective fascial architecture will be palpated and assessed from skin to spine.

Learn to palpate, differentiate and assess hollow and solid organs, visceral ligaments and the suspensory architecture that wrap and support organs, blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves. You will marvel at how the abdominal cavity is put together and your burgeoning skill sets with assessing functionality here...
Start Date & Time :  Sep 4 2014 8:30AM
End Date & Time :  Sep 5 2014 4:30PM
Organiser :  Marty Ryan
Location :  London, Watford
Seats :  24
Cost :  £ 300.00
The Scar Tissue Release and Integrative Therapies Method course (Strait Method) is a progressive therapeutic approach to healing, recognising the complexities of each individual. Utlising a whole person perspective, the STRAIT Method is a multi-disciplinary approach combining therapeutic and rehabilitative modalities, fascial scar work, mind-body interactions, body mechanics, therapeutic stretching and proprioceptive support to create a balanced treatment approach designed to meet each client / patient's needs and goals....
Start Date & Time :  Sep 5 2014 2:00PM
End Date & Time :  Sep 7 2014 5:00PM
Organiser :  Marjorie Brook
Location :  Camelot, Rosebank, Joburg
Seats :  26
Cost :  R 4,500.00
The Manual Therapy for the Abdominal Viscera Course Part 2 examines the Therapeutical Applications following Abdominal Surgery, Manual Therapy for Acid Reflux / GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and Treating Low Back and Pelvis Pain via the Abdomen. This module teaches the language of abdominal surgery and pathology and the hands-on assessment and treatment skills to optimize function in the abdomen and trunk after digestive and pelvic surgeries. Learn to discuss, palpate, assess, and treat the anatomical, physiological, and energetic aftermaths of abdominal surgery. Observe and practice a complete treatment session including an intake interview, manual interventions, and post-treatment self-care. Grow your skill sets and attract a whole new category of patients!
Start Date & Time :  Sep 6 2014 9:30AM
End Date & Time :  Sep 7 2014 6:30PM
Organiser :  Marty Ryan
Location :  London, Watford
Seats :  24
Cost :  £ 300.00
Dry Needling is a cost effective and efficient technique for the treatment of myofascial pain and dysfunction. Myofascial pain syndromes are common conditions faced by the practitioner in clinical practice and multiple myofascial trigger point locations often exist.
Start Date & Time :  Sep 11 2014 3:00PM
End Date & Time :  Sep 13 2014 6:00PM
Organiser :  Dr Chris Yelverton
Location :  Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE
Seats :  26
Cost :  £ 515.00
There are probably close to 500 000 golfers in South Africa. By far the majority of these are casual or recreational golfers, poorly conditioned, unfit and unskilled and who present with a variety of challenges to the medical and fitness professionals. Many of the professionals treating these players are not as well versed in the mechanics of the body in golf as they could be. It is the purpose of this course to train those professionals so that they are able to positively influence the quality of the golf and longevity of the golfer.
Start Date & Time :  Sep 12 2014 1:00PM
End Date & Time :  Sep 13 2014 5:00PM
Organiser :  Dave Bensted-Smith
Location :  Johannesburg
Seats :  26
Cost :  R 2,350.00
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT with Wilma Erasmus - Cape Town, Jo'burg & Durban in 2011
THE ACUPUNCTURE FOR PAIN MANAGEMENT COURSE with Dr Andre Sorger - Jo'burg, Durban and Cape-Town in 2011
KINESIOLOGY TAPING COURSES with Jacqui McCord-Uys - Joburg & Cape Town
TMJ Course uk 2013
Why Sports Stars Love Ice Baths
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Cellphone:  (+44) 07748 3333 72
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Phone: (+27) 021 7055 399 - Trish (admin)
Address: PO Box 15092, Vlaeberg, Cape Town, South Africa, 8018
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