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Special Introductory Early Bird Pricing Structure!!!

Per individual module, the course is on offer for R795.

However, book before the 16th March and pay only R795 to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL - receive additional notes, readings and assessments worth R1400 at no cost!
Or book for the whole series (modules 1, 2 and 3) and pay just R2195, instead of R6585!!!

STUDENT SPECIAL: Full time students pay only R435 for the first module, or R 1290 for the whole series.


Whether you are self-employed, a business professional or small business owner, did you choose to go into your own business for more personal freedom, choice, wealth and the opportunity to make a real difference?

Or perhaps you want to start your own business or practice?  You are not alone.

40% of South Africa’s gross income comes from 1.5 millions small businesses that employ 60% of the countries labour force.

And yet the most recent Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Study (GEM) shows that SA lags behind in entrepreneurial development. Further more 80% of all small businesses fold within 5 years.

In South Africa, inadequate professional development in business acumen holds back many professionals and small business owners from leveraging their abilities and business into becoming significant, effective and credible.

Many of these business owners, like you, get stuck in a self-employed, hand-to-mouth existence, and find it difficult to create the financial wealth that would sustain successful careers and lives, and that would allow them to add more value to industry and to society as a whole.

Many find themselves working harder, longer and with more financial risk and less reward than they signed up for. Many have hit a wall. And the only way out seems to work harder.

But there is way.

If you are a wellness professional or practitioner such as a life coach, doctor, yoga teacher, personal trainer, social entrepreneur, or small business in the service industry, then this professional series run by a successful entrepreneur is committed to developing your ability to run a successful small business or practice.

Through it you will gain confidence and fluency in business language and concepts, know how to position and develop a sustainable business, and operate it for long-term success. You’ll learn how to harness expertise and become more effective and efficient in your business.

This series will shift you from working in your business to working on your business, from being self-employed to being a business owner.
You will look at the steps you should be taking today now to create more wealth, have a greater impact and ensure business success tomorrow, no matter your individual situation. Furthermore, it will show you how good business can do good.

If you are a student, get a clear head start on starting a new business.

If you are self-employed professional or small business gain the skills to once again enjoy the reason you chose to work for yourself.

MODULE 3:  8th -9th September

Only R795 if paid before the 3rd of Sep 2012.

This module covers;
• The simple steps to fast forwarding your Productivity and getting things done
• Master your Time Management
• 7 future trends that will change your business

What will you gain? You’ll:
• learn a system of getting things done daily that will realise your dreams and passions
• have an empty email box everyday
• understand the Power of 1, for productivity management
• have watertight internet and computer security, and only need to know one password…ever
• be able to get all your business reading done, every week
• be able to leverage world class expertise and big business technology at a fraction of the price
• know the easiest and best applications for business and productivity…all free
• master your time by getting more done in less time
• boost your earnings with three simple rules
• learn how a tomato (yes, tomato) can help you focus
• gain insight to 7 future trends happening now that will change your business and what you should be doing about it


Not only that, but if you book early, in addition you will get:
• Pre-reading notes and pre- assessment (value R 500)
• a clear on-course assessment of where your business needs attention and be able to apply what you learn immediately
• hours of free information to start your own professional library and reading room, without needing a room (value over R 400)
• a free range of assessments to further boost your business and personal lives (value over R500)
• all course notes included absolutely free
• a 15% discount voucher on lunch at Wellness Warehouse

Furthermore you will have the opportunity to do wealth profile testing to give you insight as to where you are financially today and the one of 8 ways in which you create wealth

Who is this Course for?

This series is geared toward the self-employed, business professionals, practitioners, entrepreneurs or small business owners as well as those wishing to start their own business, especially with a business of 5 or less staff.

The series is particularly suited to the following

• wellness consultants, coaches and trainers such as yoga teachers, personal trainers, dance teachers, life coaches, and corporate wellness providers.
• Accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, notaries, jewellers, designers, consultants, agents, property agents, IT professionals
• practitioners including Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, TCM, Ayurveda, Massage, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Reflexology
• All students in the wellness professions, i.e. UWC, Healthstudies, etc
• Small and emerging wellness brands and entrepreneurs in food and beverage, supplementation, health, baby care, and home industry


Module 1:
• Saturday 31st March (9am – 5pm)
• Sunday 1st April (10am – 3pm)

Module 2:
• Saturday 19th  May (9am – 5pm)
• Sunday 20th May (10am – 3pm)

Module 3:
• Saturday 8th September (9am – 5pm)
• Sunday 9th  September (10am – 3pm)

Venue; Wellness Warehouse, Gardens, Cape Town

To book, click submit below.

Duration; each module 2 Days

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This compact two-day course is an updated expansion of the Sporting Knee in 4D. It focuses on a unique and comprehensive approach to treating common lower extremity pain disorders and provides a detailed exploration of the patellofemoral joint (PFJ), the talocrural joint (TCJ), subtalar joint (STJ), inferior tibiofibular joint (ITFJ) and acetabulofemoral joint (AFJ).
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Cellphone:  (+44) 07748 3333 72
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